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2LINE Splice/Patch Modules

Splice/Patch modules

2LINE SP Modules ST/HD

  • High packing density of the modules in HD design at 3U with 216 LC ports
  • Swiveling splice patch module pre-assembled with pigtails, adapters and protective tubes
  • Patch cords and pigtail fibers are safely routed under optimal compliance with the minimum bending radii
The 2LINE Splice/Patch modules are compact connection and termination solutions for our passive fiber optic network systems such as ODF and MFC. Due to their high fiber and port capacities in all common connector types, compact, simple and clearly arranged systems can be realized. The highest tested quality and a solid construction guarantee safety and longevity.



  • Possibility of mirror-inverted fixation
  • Fixation on the wall, on the ceiling, back to back or side by side
  • Cable entry from above
  • Grounding possibility
  • Height-adjustable frame feet

Scope of delivery:

  • Pre-assembled with adapters and pigtails
  • Available pigtails with connectors LC- / SC- / E2000 or special requests possible
  • Patch cable management right (standard) or left
  • Pigtail fibers either G.652 or G.657
  • Fixation material included


  • Width 350 mm; Depth 280 mm
  • Heights: 1U 44mm; 2U 88mm; 3U 132mm

HUProductSC, LC oder E2000Best.-Bez.Artikelnr.
1HEST-Modul (2 Schubladen)48 Ports2LINE SPM 1HE ST1HE ST-Modul SC/LC/E2000
2HEST-Modul (4 Schubladen)96 Ports2LINE SPM 2HE ST2HE ST-Modul SC/LC/E2000
3HEST-Modul (6 Schubladen)144 Ports2LINE SPM 3HE ST3HE ST-Modul SC/LC/E2000
1HEHD-Modul (3 Schubladen)72 Ports2LINE SPM 1HE HD1HE HD-Modul LC/APC
2HEHD-Modul (6 Schubladen)144 Ports2LINE SPM 2HE HD2HE HD-Modul LC/APC
3HEHD-Modul (9 Schubladen)216 Ports2LINE SPM 3HE HD3HE HD-Modul LC/APC