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2Line Multi-Function Cabinet MFG 18 – Silent-PoP

Outdoor distribution cabinet ZC-H

2Line MFG mit aktivem Kühlsystem

  • Internal cooling temperature freely selectable through a 3-stage cooling system
  • Construction depth only 500 mm and height 1900 mm
  • Silent-PoP 35dB(A)TI sound pressure level (1m hemisphere) on Noise Protection such as residential areas
The multi-function cabinet 2Line MFG is an outdoor distribution cabinet for passive and active FTTx network technology. It is adapted and equipped according to your requirements in terms of size, interior fittings, air conditioning and safety.



  • Active cooling system:
  • Waste heat cooling capacity 3500W
  • Hermetically sealed cooling circuit
  • Maintenance-free (filter change if necessary)
  • Power consumption ~1.2kWh (depending on cooling capacity)
  • Supports all common cabling systems, micro cables and blown fiber systems
  • Equipped with fiber optic modules, 19-inch or ETSI installation frame, air conditioning, UPS, batteries and intelligent cable management as required
  • Double walls on a stable frame with a sealed base plate protect the passive or active technology against mechanical loads, moisture, heat and cold
  • Sealed cable entries in the base plate ensure the level of protection in the interior
  • Doors with single or double locking system
  • Roof structure for ventilation and air conditioning
  • Cable strain relief system
  • Bending radius control for cables and fibers
  • Patch cable system with only one standard length

Scope of delivery:

  • Optional:
  • Door contact switch
  • Double lock systems
  • Interior light
  • Socket strip
  • Flexible battery trays
  • Vertical or horizontal cable support rails
  • Active cooling with heat exchanger, operating voltage 48 VDC
  • Heating
  • Possibility to install passive optical splitters and wavelength multiplexers (up to 64 splitters)
  • Depth-adjustable profile rails for active technology / copper: 19" width 465 mm (hole spacing), grid 44.45 mm, capacity 21 U; ETSI width 515 mm (hole spacing), grid 25 mm, capacity 37 U
  • Power supply unit for indoor or separate housing


  • Housing HxWxD[mm]: 1940x2000x500
  • Base HxWxD[mm]: 510-660x2000x500


  • Environmental protection class IP55
  • Resistance class RC2


Available modules for this cabinet:



SPM ST E2000

SPM ST E2000


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